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The Adventurous Four ISBN 603032877

The Adventurous Four by Enid Blyton
Published in 1972 by Dean & Son Ltd. In hardback format ISBN 603032877 in good order.
COL-BKAD4 - £2.95


Harriet G. at St.Hilarys by J.P Milne

Harriet G at St. Hilarys by J.P Milne
Hardback book published by Blackie & Son Ltd but undated. It has some wear to the spine which has previously been taped up otherwise fine.
COL-BKHA - £5.95


Little Women by Louisa M Alcott SBN 603030068

Little Women by Louisa M Alcott
Published By Dean & Son Ltd. London. An undated hardback copy SBN 603030068 in good condition.
COL-BKLI - £3.95


The House With The Blue Door. M Cathcart 1947

The House with the Blue Door
By M. Cathcart Borer and published by Sir Isaac Pitman in 1947. Hardback with slight tears in the dust jacket.
COL-BKBLU - £9.95


Kittys Enemy by E.M Stooke

Kittys Enemy by E.M Stooke
Published by S.W. Partridge & Co. London. this copy is undated and in good condition without dust jacket.
COL-BKKI - £8.95


Phantom Horse by C. Pullein-Thompson

Phantom Horse by C Pullein-Thompson
Published in 1962 by William Collins Sons & Co. Hardback with a tatty dust jacket and foxing to the pages otherwise in good order.
COL-BKPHA - £12.95


Exciting Stories For Girls ISBN 0600395219

Exciting Stories for Girls
A hardback copy published by Hamlyn in 1980 ISBN 0600395219. In good condition.
COL-BKEX £4.95


Lorna Doone By R.D Blackmore

Lorna Doone By RD Blackmore
Published by The Thames Publishing Co. London but undated. Tatty dust jacket but otherwise in good order.
COL-BKLD - £4.95


Stories of an Old Grey Wall by Cicely Englefield

Stories of an Old Grey Wall
First edition by Cicely Englefield and published by Evans Brothers Ltd. London in 1958. Slightly tatty dust jacket, otherwise in very good order.
COL-BKSTO - £8.95


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