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Ford Car Owner Handbook
Ref. No. CG25/DOM/EN/790581. A general Ford handbook dated 1981 for the Fiesta Escort Cortina and Capri models. Complete with Ford dealer inserts and in very good condition.
HB-FCG25 - £4.95


Ford Consul Handbook
Dated 1958 with the 1959 supplement included. More of a glovebox manual than just a handbook. In great condition.
HB-CONSUL - £8.95


Ford Cortina Mk3 Handbook
Ref. No. CG 1131/191307 dated 1974. 64 page handbook with all care and driving instruction. Scuffed covers however very good condition inside.
HB-CORT74 - £6.95


Ford Escort Mk2 Operating Guide
Ref. No. CG1171/RHD/973054/279. Fold out operating guide dated 1979. In very good condition.
HB-ESC2 - £3.95


Ford Motorists Guide
Ref. No. CG55/EN/500749/385 dated 1982 for the Fiesta Escort Cortina and Capri models. In good condition.
HB-FCG55 - £5.95


Ford Cortina Mk3 Handbook
Dated 1970 including Ford Sure owners folder. In good condition with only a minor stain on the last few pages. Other versions available.
HB-CORT3 - £6.95


Ford Cortina Mk4 Operating Guide
Ref. No. CG1176/RHD/132979/182 dated 1979. Fold out driving and operating instructions in very good condition.
HB-CORT4 - £3.95


Ford Fiesta Mk1 Operating Guide
Ref. No. CG1170/EN/RHD/662652/882. Fold out operating guide dated 1976. In fair condition.
HB-FIE - £4.95


Ford Owners Audio Handbook
Ref. No. CG46/487 A general Ford Audio handbook dated 1986 for Radio Cassette Players Amplifiers and Graphic Equalisers supplied with mid 80's Fords. In very good condition.
HB-FAUDIO - £4.95


Ford Cortina Mk3 Handbook
Ref. No. CG 1131/992884 Dated 1973. 84 pages of content including service schedule. scuffed covers however in very good condition inside.
HB-CORT73 - £7.95


Ford Escort Mk1 Handbook
Ref. No. CG38/971018/1169 DOM. Dated 1969 and including lubrication and maintenance chart plus service schedule. In good condition.
HB-ESCORT - £10.95


Ford Thames Instruction book
Ref. No. RD007573/462 dated 1959. For the 10, 12 and 15 CWT models. Fair wear on the covers but good inside. 
HB-THA  - £5.95


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